Corporate philosophy

We contribute to development of the society by facing “manufacturing” with sincere efforts. We stay honest and continue being a trusted company by our customers and the society.


We pledge to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers by always aiming at the highest level.
We have always chosen a thorny path with passion for manufacturing. What’s underlying is our pride and persistence in manufacturing, and our indomitable determination to understand and sympathize our customers and absolutize their wishes. Our technology of today is a result of our pursuit of such ideal.
But our challenge never ends. It’s our sincere desire to keep thrusting our way through even tougher roads into the highest level as science and technology develop. We hereby pledge to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers all over the world engaging in the medical or airline industry, which concerns “human lives”, with determination to support safety, relief and reliance without limits.

Mastering human resources

“Human resources development” is the essence of manufacturing. It’s your devotion to human resources development that can lead you to soulful manufacturing. Our manufacturing is not an exception. It would not have been possible without human resources who have guts to manage to make it and persist to the bitter end. Human resources development makes the master of manufacturing. Human resources are the essence of KANEKO.

Mastering technologies

We have a long thorny path ahead of us. There is always suffering no matter how far we tread through the tough road. But we never stop pushing forward, because that’s how we find the joy of mastering technologies. We keep challenging to be the master craftsmen. KANEKO’s strength resides in our ultimate technology.

Mastering creativity

An unknown world opened up when we had mastered human resources and technologies. That’s the world of creativity we were led in when we were freed from the framework as the parts processor. We contribute to our customers’ wishes freely and elegantly without limits. It’s KANEKO’s mission to continue being a company needed by our customers.