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We value our pride in "producing products".

We value our pride in "Manufacturing".


We are proud of our very sophisticated technology for super precision machining of metal, ceramics or plastic for precisive components.

As long as 55 years' diverse experience enables to process these materials in addition to dfficult-to-shave metals like  titanium or inconel.

We use state-of-the-art five axis machining centers operated by our proficient engineers to machine challenging parts having complex, curved or abnormal shapes.

Our goal is to eliminate engineering limitations for designers at our valued customers and realize their wishes as much as we can.


         ・We will participate in CMEF in Shenzhen / China, 17-20 April 2012

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Examples ....

1: Aircraft components | 2: Machinable ceramics
3: Optical components for medical application | 4: Tooling

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Press Release

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